Ethics and Compliance Line

Ethics and Compliance Line

«QAZAQ AIR» Joint-Stock Company pays special attention to the maintenance of corporate culture that demonstrates adherence to the principles of fairness, transparency, and honesty.

In order to further maintain a positive image, «QAZAQ AIR» JSC is pleased to announce the launch of the Ethics and Compliance Line for the timely identification and prevention of violations of the legislation and/or Code of Conduct, including cases of fraud, corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations related to the activities of the Company.

The Ethics and Compliance Line is operated by an independent Operator, KPMG, based on the following principles:

– confidentiality and anonymity (if required by the contacted person); and

– registration and processing of 100% of messages and subsequent submission to the Company’s responsible parties.

Messages can be provided by all persons in Russian, Kazakh and English through the following communication channels:

  • Via telephone number 8 800 080 4747 (free call on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan); or
  • By email to; or
  • By using the internet portal; or
  • By WhatsApp messenger via number +7 771 191 8816.   

The Ethics and Compliance Line operates around the clock seven days a week in 24/7 mode. Moreover, telephone calls are received by the Operator from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday. The rest of the time (including holidays / weekends), telephone calls are received on voicemail with the ability to record messages. Processing of messages received after working hours is carried out on the first business day after receipt of the message.

The Ethics and Compliance Line is available both for employees of the Company and for the third parties interacting with the Company (customers, counteragents, and other stakeholders).

To ensure confidentiality and anonymity, all the received reports are received and processed by an external independent Operator, who daily reports received data to Compliance Service.

If you wish not to disclose your data when submitting a message, they will not be registered and will not be transferred to the Company. However, in order to process your message in the most effective and timely manner, you will be asked to leave the contact information.

Herewith, by contacting the Ethics and Compliance Line, you agree to the processing of your personal data by employees of an external independent Operator, and transfer of the received data to the Company’s responsible employees, who will ensure professional and confidential consideration of your message.

 We thank you for cooperation and assistance!

The Ethics and Compliance Line is intended only for reporting of information regarding violations of legislation and/or Code of Conduct, including cases of fraud, corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations related to the activities of the Company.

Important! The Ethics and Compliance Line should not be used to place pressure on employees and partners and/or to force them to take/abstain from certain actions and should not be considered as a revenge tool for personal reasons.

For issues related to products and services, as well as for official appeals to the management of QAZAQ AIR JSC, please, contact the customer services and use contacts indicated on the corporate website of the company.

Complaints about the actions and decisions of the requisitioner, organizer, tender commission, expert commission, operator of the e-procurement information system for companies of Samruk-Kazyna group should be submitted via the procurement web portal in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.