Qazaq Air - Luggage



You can save up to 50% when you pay for excess luggage: pay an extra 10 kg in addition to the luggage allowance at your fare

Use one of the following options:

1. Buy an online ticket on the airline's website and sales office;

2. After registration of the ticket, go to the corporate site in the booking overview through the function to add luggage to your booking;

3. Contact the Call Center of the airline by phone +7 727 356 1414 or directly at the sales office;

4. At the ticket office of the Otrar Travel Service Agency;

5. In the agency where the ticket was bought.

An additional luggage allowance is possible at least 3 hours before the flight departure.

The cost of extra luggage when prebooked for an extra charge up to 10 kg:

  • On direct flights - 5000 kzt;
  • On transit flights - 8000 kzt;

For you information: if you book less then 3 hours before the flight departure at the airport: the cost is charged at the fare of 1 kg.

  • On direct flights - 1000 kzt;
  • On transit flights - 1500 kzt;

We recommend you to arrive at the place of registration of passengers not later than 1,5 hours before the flight departure for the procedures of check-in and check-out.  Registration on flight and luggage acceptance ends 40 minutes before the flight departure.


  • The discount is not applied for carriage of animals in the luggage compartment and the board of aircraft.
  • Return of the transportation cost for excess luggage is made upon the request of the passenger until the end of the check-in.
  • The rate of accepted luggage for 1 adult shouldn't exceed 32 kg.
  • In case of refund of service amount, payment for the excess baggage carriage is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route.


You can take with yourself on board one unit of luggage, dimensions no more than 40х25х20 cm and weighing no more than 5 kg.

The norm of free conveyance is defined by rules of fare:

  • JAILY fare (J) – norm of free conveyance – 30 kg.
  • Optimal fare (S) – norm of free conveyance – 20 kg.
  • Saver fare (B) – norm of free conveyance – 20 kg.

Carriage of TVs and other household electro technical equipment in passengers compartment isn't allowed.

Passengers bear responsibility for personal property and the hand-luggage taken inside of the plane. In case of destruction, theft, loss or damage of personal property and hand-luggage, the Carrier bears responsibility in case the specified events are proved by results of inadequate actions from Carrier or its employees, or agents; In this case responsibility of Carrier is limited to the sum specified in the conditions of transportation of passengers and luggage.

The passenger is obliged to take care for safety of the things transported inside of the aircraft.

Above the established norm of free luggage allowance the passenger can carry free of charge the following items necessary for him during the landing time, disembarkation or in flight if they are in the hands of the passenger and not in the luggage:

  • A handbag;
  • A folder of papers;
  • Coat or raincoat;
  • Plaid
  • An umbrella
  • Printed publications for reading in flight;
  • Nutrition for the child and children's road cradle;
  • Wheelchair for a disabled person;
  • Diplomat or briefcase;
  • Laptop


It is forbidden to carry both in hand-luggage and in the checked luggage of the passenger:

  • EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES AND SUBJECTS THEREOF: explosive devices, ammunition, illuminating substances and missiles;
  • EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES: fireworks, firecrackers, signal rockets, cartridges.
  • FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES: gasoline lighters and heating appliances, paints, matches and “Bengal lights”.
  • TOXIC SUBSTANCES: bleaches, peroxides.
  • COMPRESSED AND LIQUEFIED GASES: deeply chilled inflammable, non-flammable, poisonous, butane, oxygen, propane, balloons for aqualungs
  • POISONING, IRRITATING  SUBSTANCES: insecticides, herbicides, arsenic, cyanides,
  • RARE MATERIALS AND CORROSIVE SUBSTANCES: acids, alkaline elements of nutrition.
  • INFECTIOUS MATERIALS: bacteria, living viruses
  • MERCURY and other substances, items falling into the category of the above substances, cargo and items which raise doubts about the safety of their transportation and which can be used for arson, explosion or threat to the lives of passengers and crew members of aircraft.
  • SUBSTANCES AND LIQUIDS OF UNKNOWN COMPOSITION: (honey, jam, etc.)without a factory packaging, a corresponding technical passport and certificate.


Dangerous substances and objects are allowed for transportation on board of the aircraft with observance of the required conditions.

Cold weapon and sharp objects

Crossbows, spear guns, swords, sabers, back-swords, broad swords, bayonets, daggers, scalpels, skates, harpoons, spears, hunting knives, with ejecting blades, with locking locks - any sharp objects that can inflict stabbing and cutting wounds.

Cutting items: knives for writing, penknives, for cutting meat, for splitting ice, household knives (scissors) with blade length (blades) over 60 mm, blades without package.


At yourself

In the hand-luggage



 Firearms and light weapons


  • Weapon for a paint-ball
  • Pneumatic weapon
  • Signal weapon
  • Cut weapon
  • Start guns
  • Construction guns
  • Parts shooting and firearms (except for rifle-scopes)
  • Toy weapon of any type
  • Ammunition (box with cartridges) for sport. The small quantity of cartridges for the personal purposes shall be safely packed into the package made of cloth, wood, metal and intended for transportation of a small amounts of arms. At most 5 kg (11 lb) of ammunition in total weight on one person for the personal purposes.


At yourself

In the hand-luggage



Different objects

  • Alcoholic beverages containing more than 24%, but no more than 70 % of alcohol on volume, with a capacity no more than 5 l. and if they are in tight container intended for retail trade in the luggage of the passenger. The total net of such drinks for one person is 5 l. Alcoholic beverages with the content of alcohol on volume more than 24% don't fall under action of any restrictions, except restrictions on packing.
  • No radioactive drugs and toilet accessories, including aerosols. Aerosols without any additional danger and for usage in the sports or household purposes are transported only in the registered baggage. The total net of all such products is transported by each person doesn't exceed 2 kg or 2 I and the quantity net of a separate product shouldn't exceed 0,5 kg or 05 I.
  • The hair sprays, varnishers, colognes and medicines containing alcohol only in the registered luggage. The total net of all such products transported by each person doesn't exceed 2 kg or 2 I and the quantity net of a separate product shouldn't exceed 0,5 kg or 05 I.  
  • With the permission of air-company small cylinders with gaseous oxygen or air, necessary for the medical purposes.
  • Drills, saws, screw-drivers, scrap, hammers, pincers, flat-nose pliers, wincher, adjustable and wrenches, blowtorches, etc.
  • Axes and ice axes
  • The devices generating heat such as underwater lamps and blowtorches.




At yourself

In the hand-luggage

In the luggage