Qazaq Air - Special sevices

Special sevices

Seat options

Dear passengers!

QAZAQ AIR offers you an opportunity to choose a necessary seat in an aircraft cabin by means of our website or you can make a booking over the Booking Center by phone  +7(727) 3561414.

QAZAQ AIR offers seats with extra legroom to passengers, as well as an opportunity to book a seat at a special price, which can be found out from the Booking Center or on the airline's website. Reservation and payment for a necessary seat are carrying out at least 3 hours before a flight.


Providing reserved seats is an additional offer of the airline. If you do not use this service, QAZAQ AIR will automatically secure free seats in an aircraft for you and for other persons traveling with you on the same reservation at the time of check-in.

It is not allowed to give up selected and paid seats to other persons.

In case of replacement or refund of a selected place, a fine is imposing according to the Fare Rules on appropriate section, upon which a ticket was initially purchased.

Below are the rates of payment for additional service of pre-selection of a seat in an aircraft cabin:


Row number & alphabetic code of a seat


Standard seats with the possibility to sit together and leave the airplane earlier

All seats on the rows 5,6

(A, B, C, D)

2500 KZT.

Standard seats with the possibility to sit together and leave the airplane earlier

All seats on the rows 7-10

(A, B, C, D)

1500 KZT.

*Seats with extra legroom, sited near the emergency exit are covered by the following rules

Rules for passengers on extra legroom seats sited next to emergency exits:

Kindly note that in accordance with the safety instructions for flight regulations, these seats can be reserved only by persons over 18. Apart from that these seats cannot be occupied by the following categories of passengers:

  • Passengers with kids
  • Passengers with animals onboard
  • Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Pregnant women
  • Passengers under legal age
  • Passengers with physical or mental disease

QAZAQ AIR reserves the right to redistribute seats in an aircraft cabin at any time - even after boarding. It may be necessary to ensure flight safety.

QAZAQ AIR will refund a payment for preselection of a seat onboard in such circumstances:

  • flight cancellation;
  • inability to provide a seat due to technical or operational reasons.

Refund will be carried out in the same way the payment was accomplished. 

Сertificate of confirmation

Dear passengers!

To receive a Confirmation letter please fill the following:

1. Passenger's name in Latin letters, for example IBRAYEV

2. Six-digit booking number, for example EFNVPU*

*If there is no booking number, please contact us +7 727 356 14 14.

Then press “Confirmation letter” button.


Before traveling surely consult a doctor about possible contraindications, get his recommendations for the forthcoming trip.

Pregnant women are preferably to come to flight to the beginning of registration. Pregnant women with the term no more than 34 weeks are allowed to flight with medical certificate from medical institution on the absence of contraindications to air transportation and the prenatal record. Newborn babies are allowed to flight at the age from 7 days. Maximum number of babies allowed on the airplane board – 8, baby cots are not provided.

Pregnant women with the pregnancy term:

Up to 22 weeks inclusive are transported providing with exchange card or medical certificate (copy).

From 22 weeks to 34 weeks inclusive for single pregnancy.

From 22 weeks to 32 weeks inclusive for multiple pregnancies are transported in presence of exchange card (copy) and medical certificate of the medical organization on term of pregnancy and a satisfactory state of health.

Pregnant women with singleton pregnancy and with the term more than 34 weeks and with multiple pregnancies inclusive up to 32 weeks are transported having conclusion of the competent medical commission in a written form (In Kazakhstan, transportation is carried out in accordance with form No. 035-1 / y.).

If there were complications during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor before traveling by air transport. Women in labor after childbirth and newborn children are not allowed to be transported within the first 7 calendar days after the birth of the child. The airline has the right to refuse transportation to a pregnant woman, if this is regulated by requirements of the immigration laws of the country - destination.

Carriage of the pregnant woman is carried out on the condition that the Carrier does not bear any responsibility to the Passenger for the adverse consequences that may arise for the Passenger and for the fetus during transportation and due to transportation.

On the board of aircraft there is no possibility to provide specialized medical aid, therefore we ask you to be sympathetic to the requirements of the Airline directed solely at ensuring your own safety.


We are always glad to see our young passengers on the board of our planes.

Children at the age of 6 to 15 years (inclusive) can travel by flights of our airline without accompanying adult passengers on condition that a special accompanying service is registered. 

The support service can be prolonged up to 16 years at the will of parents.

Pay attention that on all flights of Qazaq Air you need to pay for support service in addition to the purchase of ticket , service cost – 8 000 KZT one way.

The amount of payment charged for the additional service of transporting an unaccompanied minor in the territory for sale abroad the Republic of Kazakhstan - 15 000 KZT one way. 

On domestic flights inside Kazakhstan the ticket price for the minor child at the age of 6 to 14 years (inclusive), traveling without accompanying person makes 50% of the operating full fare for adults.

Unaccompanied minor children who are 15 years old pay a full adult fare rate.

Children can't travel without adults on the indirect flights demanding a stop in way.

Children under 6 years are transported only accompanied by the full age passenger. Parents or the trustee have to fill in and sign the application form on transportation of the minor child without adults at the time of booking the ticket. If an adult who bears responsibility for the delivery of the child to the point of departure or in hands of which the child is entrusted at the point of arrival is not the parent or legal trustee of this child, then he needs to have a notarized power of attorney confirming his right to transfer the child to hands of the person in charge.

For the purpose of ensuring additional safety, unaccompanied minor children aren't accepted for transportation from 23 to 6 o'clock in the morning (on time of point of a departure). There can be any time of arrival.

Booking of tickets for the minor children flying without adults must be provided not less than in 24 hours prior to a plane departure according to the schedule. For this purpose it is necessary to contact us to the address: or give necessary information to your agent in travel agency.

Note: in case of refund of service amount, payment for transportation of sports equipment is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route.


Passengers with visual and hearing impairments can bring their guide-god and transport it on our flights for free.

  • The guide-dog is transported in the passenger compartment on condition that you have the certificate of training of the guide-dog, the dog has a collar, a muzzle and it is tied to a chair at the feet of the accompanying passenger.
  • The animal must be clean, it shouldn't create in a flight any threat to the sanitary and hygienic condition of the cabin of the aircraft and shouldn't damage the property of the airline and passengers.
  • It is necessary to inform about a guide-dog at the time of booking and purchasing of the tickets at the sales office or by phones: +7 727 3561414
  • Feeding of guide-dogs during registration and flight is prohibited!


Carriage of the passengers with the this category must agreed with the Air Company at the time of booking of carriage at least 24 hours before flight departure.

Air Company doesn't bear any responsibility for possible consequences and/or deterioration of health which appeared in the process or after carriage of sick passenger caused by the health condition of passenger.

In order to make your traveling more comfortable do the following actions in advance, please :

  • Consult to your your doctor;
  • Book the tickets to the forward and backward directions;
  • At the time of booking inform us whether you  are going to use wheelchair (invalid chair);
  • If you use your own wheel chair, inform us about its characteristics (battery type, dimension and etc.)
  • For the safety of the wheelchair transportation on flight is carried out in the following ways:

Type of wheelchair


Folding wheelchairs

Wheel chairs of this category are accepted without special restrictions

The wheelchairs working from leak-proof batteries

If the construction allows the user to remove the battery, it is necessary:

To disconnect the battery and then the wheelchair is transported without restrictions.

The removed battery is transported in a strong, rigid packing set.

To isolate an accumulator clamp in order to avoid accidental short circuit.

If construction doesn't provide extraction of the battery, it is necessary:

To isolate battery terminals for protection against accidental short circuit

To fix the battery on a wheelchair

Electrical circuits have to be closed


The wheelchairs working from

the electrolytic (proceeding) batteries


If loading/ unloading/ transportation in a vertical position can be performed, the battery can't be disconnected from the wheelchair. In this case it is necessary:


To isolate battery terminals to protect from accidental short circuits

Secure the battery on the wheelchair securely

Electrical circuits must be closed

If the transportation in the vertical position can't be performed, the battery must be disconnected.

After that the wheelchair is transported without restrictions.

The battery must be transported in a strong, rigid packing set and resistant to electrolyte.


If the transportation in the vertical position can't be performed, the battery must be disconnected.


After that the wheelchair is transported without restrictions.

The removed battery have to be transported in a strong, rigid packing set, hermetic and resistant to influence of an electrolyte.


At the same time it is necessary:

To isolate battery terminals for protection against accidental short circuit.

To place the battery in vertical position in a container and cover it with enough absorbing material for soaking all quantity of an electrolyte in case contents of the battery will spill.


Wheelchairs of all types are transported only in the registered luggage. Transportation of wheelchairs is carried out free of charge, over the established norm of luggage.  

Requirements of transportation of wheelchairs are regulated by “Technical instructions for safe transportation of dangerous freights by air” (Doc 9284 AN/905 of IKAO)


The Qazaq Air Company doesn't transport the passengers with stretchers in connection the the features of the plane.  


Passengers of Qazaq Air Company are allowed to take with them small cats or dogs. Admissible quantity on board (a dog or a cat) – 2 inside of the plane, weighing up to 8 kg, dimensions of a cage shouldn't exceed (29x43x26) and 2 in a luggage compartment, weighing up to 30 kg, the inquiry is put in 24 hours before departure. It is allowed to transport no more than two animals in one container. In case of transportation of animals it its necessary to notify air-company at the time of booking and to get permission from Carrier. Payment is made upon weighing on registration on double fare for transportation of excess luggage for each kg. of weight of an animal.

Aren't accepted for carriage:

  • wild animals, fur animals and reptiles (snakes);
  • large pets.                                                                                                                    

Animals inside of the plane (PETC)

One passenger is allowed to transport only one container with one animal. Weight together with a cage shouldn't exceed 8 kg,

Dimensions of a container shouldn't exceed 29 x 43 x 26 cm for Bombardier Q400 planes.

For small dogs and cats it is recommended to use special containers or soft carrying which are specially developed for transportation of such animals. Such carrying for animals can be bought in pet-shops. It is impossible to use other types of soft carrying for transportation of animals in passenger compartment.

  • The bottom of a container or bag has to be dense, water-proof and covered with nontoxical absorbing material. The construction of container or carrying has to exclude spillage of absorbing material.
  • Birds are accepted for transportation in a cage. The cage has to be covered with the dense fabric excluding access of light to a cage during carriage and excluding spontaneous opening of a cage.

Animals in a luggage compartment of the plane (AHIV)

The maximum weight on carriage of animals in a luggage compartment is 30 kg., including container weight. Animals whose weight exceeds this limit are accepted for transportation after discretion of representatives of air-company on registration.

  • The owner of an animal or bird has to use a container/cage and its construction must protect an animal or a bird from damages during carriage.
  • The container has to be made of shock-resistant, strong material and has the ventilating grates providing air access.
  • The internal surface of a container has to be smooth with rounded surfaces excluding damage of an animal during carriage.
  • The bottom of a container has to be dense, water-proof and covered with absorbing nontoxical material. The construction of a container has to exclude spillage of the absorbing material.
  • The container has to be closed reliably on the lock excluding spontaneous opening of a container or unauthorized access to an animal in flight.
  • The container has to be equipped with handles for its raising and carrying by two loaders.
  • If the container is equipped with wheels, during carriage it has to act or be fixed in non-working situation.
  • The size of a container has to allow an animal to rise to the utmost, to turn by 360 degrees and lie in a natural pose.

Additional information:

  • carriage of antagonistic animals (dog-cat) in one passengers compartment is forbidden;
  • carriage of an animal or bird is possible only  for full age passenger;
  • on flights of Qazaq Air airline carriage is only allowed for  pets (cats, dogs) and birds. Other animals can't be transported in baggage or hand-luggage;
  • in 2 hours before flight departure the passenger has to feed and give drink to an animal and it is obligatory to examine him;
  • birds are accepted for carriage  in a cage. The cage has to be covered with the dense fabric excluding access of light to a cage during transportation;
  • it is forbidden to take out a bird or an animal inside of the aircraft;
  • the passenger bears full responsibility for an animal/bird, existence and compliance of necessary permissions and references;
  • carriage of animals in self-made containers is forbidden;
  • the airline doesn't bear responsibility for injuries, loss, a disease or the death of an animal/bird, except for cases when it has occurred owing to intended illegal actions or rough negligence of airline;
  • care of an animal doesn't belong to duties of personnel of airline.

Documents required for transportation of animals:

  • the pet's passport;
  • the reference from veterinary supervision or veterinary clinic is valid 3 days from the date of receiving. 

Note: in case of refund of service amount, payment for transportation of animals in the aircraft cabin is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route.


The passenger with a mistake in the first or last name won’t be permitted to take a flight.

The ticket must have a correct order: surname, and then first name.

In case of the wrong order or mistake in the name of a passenger, please refer to and contact us: +7(727)356-14-14. (Call-center)

Call-center working hours: 08.00-20.00 daily

Change of names/surnames are possible only in cases when:

  • name and surname are entered in wrong order;
  • the booking has only one part filled in – double surname entered;
  • name is not entered as in the passport (transcription is changed, letters are missed, maiden/married surnames are entered not accordingly).

The service for name/surname correction up to 3 letters it is charged KZT 1000, and changing the booking information according to the list above will cost KZT 10 000.


The amount of payment and special conditions for transportation of firearms and ammunition on direct and connection flights.


The cost of transportation  on internal flights

Special conditions

Firearms and ammunition


5000 kzt

Physical persons who own weapon and ammunition have to have permission on the right of possession and carrying each unit of weapon given by appropriate authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a mark of trade organization about realization this weapon or the duplicate of permission. The preliminary inquiry is required. SSR the «WEAP code is used. For confirmation of weapon it is necessary to check the description and quantity of weapon, model and serial number, organic number, the purpose of ammunition (cartridges).


Firearms and ammunition


Free of charge

Employees of state bodies carrying out operative - search activity and performing duties related to the accompaniment of the arrested (a suspect), transportation of material evidence, prosecutions and other official documents and materials, workers of the units of the State Courier Service,

carrying special post or cargo, personal military guards accompanying convoy persons, employees of the State Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan who is on duty connected with maintenance of protected persons in the presence of the corresponding marks in the traveling certificate. The preliminary inquiry is required. SSR the WEAF code is used. For confirmation of weapon it is necessary to check the description and quantity of weapon, model and serial number, organic number, the purpose of purpose of ammunition (cartridges).  


Note: in case of refund of service amount, payment for WEAPON AND AMMUNITION TRANSPORTATION is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route.


Dear passengers, you can learn information concerning transportation of sports equipment.


Fare for  transportation on direct  domestic flights, KZT

Through fare for transportation on transit  flights, KZT

 Special conditions




1 A golf bag that contains 1 set of golf clubs, golf balls and ball stands. The total weight must not exceed 15 kg.




One bicycle is allowed per passenger for transportation. It is necessary to prepare a bicycle for transportation in advance: to fix the bicycle handles from the side, to lower the pressure of the wheels and remove the pedals. It is recommended to pack the bicycle in a special box. A preliminary request is required. Tandem is not accepted (for two or three)

Diving equipment 



One set of diving equipment includes: a buoyancy vest, a regulator, a mask and a snorkel, a pair of fins, a weight belt with ballast. During transportation, the scuba tanks must be empty and the valves open. The diving lamp must be de-energized, the lamp or battery must be removed; the lamp can only be carried as hand luggage.




170 см. All types of boards must be reliably packed and put in luggage for transportation as the cargo in the aircraft fuselage.

provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.

Fishing equipment



A set of fishing accessories consists of one fishing rod and one fishing bag.




1 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles, 1 pair of boots, 1 helmet.

provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.




1 snowboard ,1 pair of boots,1 helmet

provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.




1 bag with hockey equipment, 1 set of protective equipment (for knees, hands, etc.), hockey sticks, 1 pair of skates, 1 helmet.

Note: in case of refund of service amount, payment for transportation of sports equipment is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route.

The air-company has the right to refuse passenger with sports equipment transportation  in transportation in case if equipment hasn't been reserved and confirmed with air-company, it is necessary for safety of flight or prevention of causing damage to the property of airline or passengers. The inquiry on transportation of sports equipment is made in 24 hours  before departure.