“Samruk-Kazyna” JSC announces the extension of the deadline for accepting bids for the sale of shares of “QAZAQ AIR” JSC

Sovereign Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC (hereinafter, the “Fund”) hereby announces amendments to the notification, published on 18 August 2023 (hereinafter, the “Initial Notification”), on the sale 49% to 100% of shares (hereinafter, the “Shares”) of QAZAQ AIR JSC (hereinafter, the “Asset”), owned by the Fund. The terms and definitions used in this notification shall retain the same meaning as defined in the Initial Notification. The following amendments have been made to the Initial Notification:

  • acceptance of tender applications in the first stage of the Tender ends on 13 October 2023, at “10” hours “00” minutes;
  • the results of the Tender for the second stage are summed up on 29 December 2023.