Airplane rental for weddings

Modern possibilities of aviation allow you to get married in the heaven, not only figuratively, but also in the literal sense.

Recently, it has become more and more popular to hold a wedding celebration right on board an airplane.

The advantages of an airplane wedding

The main advantage of an airplane wedding is a completely unique scenario that will be remembered for a lifetime. A personal charter is organized for the newlyweds and their guests, so the celebration of creating a new family with you will be shared only by the closest and dearest, as well as best friends.

The cost of hiring an airplane for a wedding

It is possible to rent a plane for the wedding celebration inside, but you should take into consideration some nuances. The cost of a flight for such a task will be higher than the usual cost of a flight, because holding such an event in comfortable conditions requires additional catering services for the celebration and chemical cleaning after the flight. The price of the aircraft rent may vary up or down depending on the specific route, the exact dates of the flight and the number of passengers.

Other options for aircraft rental:

For a wedding outing. A small air trip will give you much more emotion than a walking tour of the city or a trip by car;

It will allow you to view the city where the ceremony will take place, not only on the spot, but also from a bird’s-eye view.

How to book an airplane for your wedding

Renting an airplane for such an important event requires a responsible approach, and therefore it is necessary to contact in advance and discuss all the details.

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