Commission fees

Commission fee per one commercial domestic flight is 1500 KZT per each passenger.

Commission fee conditions:

  • Commission fee will be collected when purchasing tickets in the ticket offices of the company;
  • Commission charge is applied to each passenger who takes a commercial flight;
  • Commission charge is collected once. It’s not additionally charged when the ticket is changed or canceled; 
  • Commissions are non-refundable; 
  • Children under 14 years (inclusive) receive a discount of 50% from the commission charge sum;
  • Commissions are not applied to children under 2 years (inclusive);

When purchasing a ticket from the website, a website service fee and acquiring fee are charged in the amount of 3% of the total ticket purchase price, including airfare, airport and airline fees.
Commission fee from is non-refundable.

The authorized agent in the Russian Federation for booking and selling passengers transportation, including special services (transportation of increased hand luggage, etc.), is “TRANSAERO SERVICE” LLC (Agent).

The Agent has the right to charge a service fee:

  • in the amount determined by an internal act of the Agent for each ticket sold, issued SAF, EMD of the Carrier before check-in starts, except for the sale of air tickets to subsidized destinations (online/offline sales) of the Carrier;
  • in the amount indicated in the table No. 1 for each issued SAF, EMD of the Carrier during check-in”.

Table No 1.

Service price, RUBCommission, RUB
from 1 to 999300
from 1 000 to 1 999500
from 2 000 to 2 9991 000
from 3 000 and more1 500

If you have any questions related to the purchase, exchange, refund of air tickets, special services, please contact the contact details below:


Ph.: +7 922 105 80 09 (for calls from abroad)

Ph.: 8 800 101 69 92 (for calls within the Russian Federation)

Operating hours: 24/7

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