Sport equipment

Dear passengers, you can learn information concerning transportation of sports equipment.

EquipmentFare for  transportation on direct  domestic flights, KZTThrough fare for transportation on transit  flights, KZTSpecial conditions
Golf10 00015 0001 A golf bag that contains 1 set of golf clubs, golf balls and ball stands. The total weight must not exceed 15 kg.
Bicycle10 00015 000One bicycle is allowed per passenger for transportation. It is necessary to prepare a bicycle for transportation in advance: to fix the bicycle handles from the side, to lower the pressure of the wheels and remove the pedals. It is recommended to pack the bicycle in a special box. A preliminary request is required. Tandem is not accepted (for two or three)
Diving equipment 10 00015 000One set of diving equipment includes: a buoyancy vest, a regulator, a mask and a snorkel, a pair of fins, a weight belt with ballast. During transportation, the scuba tanks must be empty and the valves open. The diving lamp must be de-energized, the lamp or battery must be removed; the lamp can only be carried as hand luggage.
Surfboards10 00015 000170 см. All types of boards must be reliably packed and put in luggage for transportation as the cargo in the aircraft fuselage.
provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.

Fishing equipment10 00015 000A set of fishing accessories consists of one fishing rod and one fishing bag.
Skiing10 00015 0001 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles, 1 pair of boots, 1 helmet.
provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.
Snowboard10 00015 0001 snowboard ,1 pair of boots,1 helmet
provided that their length does not exceed 170 cm.
Hockey10 00015 0001 bag with hockey equipment, 1 set of protective equipment (for knees, hands, etc.), hockey sticks, 1 pair of skates, 1 helmet.


in case of refund of service amount, payment for transportation of sports equipment is subject to penalty according to fare rules on relevant segment of route. The air-company has the right to refuse passenger with sports equipment transportation in transportation in case if equipment hasn’t been reserved and confirmed with air-company, it is necessary for safety of flight or prevention of causing damage to the property of airline or passengers. The inquiry on transportation of sports equipment is made in 24 hours before departure.

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