“Business Pass” for frequent flyers

“Business Pass” is a special offer for business passengers. The pass is intended for multiple flights in one of the directions of the program in economy class on special conditions.

“Business pass” can include from 2 to 4 round-trip flights in 4 directions on special conditions.

The cost of a flight with such a ticket is lower than the current fares, and the more flights are included in the pass, the lower the cost of one trip. The benefit is up to 10%.

Special conditions

  • The pass can include 2 or 4 round trip flights;
  • The more flights are included in the pass, the lower the fare for one trip;
  • When buying, you only need to determine the date of the first flight. The rest of the tickets are issued with an open date;
  • The first trip with the pass is possible from any city on the route;
  • Entering and changing the date of departure is free of charge in the contact center of the airline;
  • You can make changes to the ticket an unlimited number of times, no later than 12 hours before departure.

Validity of the “Business Pass”:

  • 2 round trips – 2 months;
  • 4 round trips – 4 months.

Flight directions of the program and cost

Direction2 round trips*4 round trips*
Nur-Sultan – Almaty78 100 tg132 200 tg
Nur-Sultan – Shymkent77 400 tg130 700 tg
Aktobe – Atyrau55 200 tg94 300 tg
Aktau – Atyrau56 700 tg97 300 tg
The price of the pass is indicated for 1 passenger, including all taxes.

Average price of one flight in the “Business Pass” for the following directions:

DirectionOne flight (for 2 round trips)One flight (for 4 round trips)
Nur-Sultan – Almaty19 525 tg16 525 tg
Nur-Sultan – Shymkent19 350 tg16 338 tg
Aktobe – Atyrau13 800 tg11 788 tg
Aktau – Atyrau14 175 tg12 163 tg


  • The pass is issued for adult passengers only (discounts for children do not apply).
  • Changing the route of the pass is prohibited.
  • The use of the pass must be in the order of the e-ticket coupons. A ticket with an out-of-order coupon usage for further carriage is invalid.
  • Business pass is issued only for adult passengers (over 18 years old).

An application for the purchase of a “Business Pass” can be made through the contact center of the airline or by e-mail at info@flyqazaq.com.

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