Change of name and surname

The passenger with a mistake in the first or last name won’t be permitted to take a flight.

The ticket must have a correct order: surname, and then first name.

In case of the wrong order or mistake in the name of a passenger, please refer to and contact us: +7(727)356-14-14. (Call-center)

Call-center working hours: 24/7 service

Change of names/surnames are possible only in cases when:

  • name and surname are entered in wrong order;
  • the booking has only one part filled in – double surname entered;
  • name is not entered as in the passport (transcription is changed, letters are missed, maiden/married surnames are entered not accordingly).

When buying an air ticket, the passenger forms the reservation by himself and also confirms the correctness of the entered personal data.

Changes to personal data are carried out:

  • On a paid basis. Cost of the service is 3000 KZT for changing the name / surname up to 3 letters. When changing more than 3 letters – 5000 KZT.

Changes in the last name / first name of a passenger are prohibited in the following cases:

  • if the general meaning changes (for example: SMITH to WILLIAMS);
  • if the ticket was purchased after the official change of surname and / or first name due to marriage / divorce (in this case, it is necessary to make a refund according to the rules of the fare and issue a new ticket).