Seat options

Dear passengers!

QAZAQ AIR offers you an opportunity to choose a necessary seat in an aircraft cabin by means of our website or you can make a booking over the Booking Center by phone  +7(727) 3561414.

QAZAQ AIR offers seats with extra legroom to passengers, as well as an opportunity to book a seat at a special price, which can be found out from the Booking Center or on the airline's website.


Providing reserved seats is an additional offer of the airline. If you do not use this service, QAZAQ AIR will automatically secure free seats in an aircraft for you and for other persons traveling with you on the same reservation at the time of check-in. It is not allowed to give up selected and paid seats to other persons.
Seat selection service on board cannot be returned or rebooked.

Below are the fares for the pre-seat selection service on domestic flights:

SpecificationAlphabetic code of a seatPricePrice on International flights
All seats on the rows 1-2A, B, C, D7000 KZT25 EUR
All seats on the rows 3-6A, B, C, D5000 KZT20 EUR
All seats on the rows 7-11A, B, C, D3000 KZT10 EUR
All seats on the rows 12-14A, B, C, D1500 KZT5 EUR
All seats on the rows 15-16A, B, C, D500 KZT3 EUR

Seats with extra legroom, sited near the emergency exit are covered by the following rules

Rules for passengers on extra legroom seats sited next to emergency exits:

Kindly note that in accordance with the safety instructions for flight regulations, these seats can be reserved only by persons over 18. Apart from that, these seats cannot be occupied by the following categories of passengers:

  • Passengers with animals onboard
  • Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Pregnant women
  • Passengers under the legal age
  • Passengers with physical or mental disease
  • Passengers who do not speak Kazakh, Russian or English
  • Passengers over 60 years old


QAZAQ AIR reserves the right to redistribute seats in an aircraft cabin at any time - even after boarding. It may be necessary to ensure flight safety.

QAZAQ AIR will refund the payment for seat preselection in such circumstances:

  • flight cancellation;
  • inability to provide a seat due to technical or operational reasons.

Refund will be carried out in the same way the payment was performed. 

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