Pregnant women

Before traveling make sure to consult a doctor about possible contraindications, get their recommendations for the forthcoming trip.

Pregnant women are preferably to come to flight to the beginning of check-in. Pregnant women with the term no more than 34 weeks are allowed to flight with medical certificate from medical institution on the absence of contraindications to air transportation and the prenatal record. Newborn babies are allowed to flight from 7 days of age. Maximum number of babies allowed on board is 8, baby cots are not provided.

Pregnant women with the pregnancy term:

  • Up to 22 weeks inclusive are transported with an exchange card or a medical certificate.
  • From 22 weeks to 34 weeks inclusive for singleton pregnancy are transported with an exchange card, provided that the health condition is satisfactory, which must be confirmed by a certificate of the medical organization about the period of pregnancy, and a satisfactory state of health.
  • From 22 weeks to 32 weeks inclusive for multiple pregnancy are transported with an exchange card and a medical certificate of the medical organization about the term of pregnancy and a satisfactory state of health.

• Pregnant women with singleton pregnancy and with the term more than 34 weeks and with multiple pregnancy with the term up to 32 weeks inclusive are transported having conclusion of the competent medical commission in a written form (In Kazakhstan, transportation is carried out in accordance with form No. 026 / y.) on the state of their health, which is allowed from the registration of a medical organization no earlier than 30 calendar days before the start of transportation. The medical report indicates the period of pregnancy and provides confirmation that the pregnancy is progressing without complications.

The airline has the right to refuse transportation to pregnant women if the above documents (exchange card, medical certificate, etc.) are presented in electronic form as photo on a mobile phone or on any other device.

The airline refuses to transport pregnant women even if there is a conclusion of the medical Advisory Commission of the approved form No. 026 /y, if the delivery date is expected in the next 7 calendar days.

If there were complications during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor before traveling by air transport. Women after childbirth and newborn children are not allowed to be transported within the first 7 calendar days after the birth of the child. The airline has the right to refuse transportation to a pregnant woman, if this is regulated by requirements of the immigration laws of the destination country.

Transportationof the pregnant woman is carried out on the condition that the Carrier does not bear any responsibility to the Passenger for the adverse consequences that may arise for the Passenger and for the fetus during transportation and due to transportation.

On the board of aircraft, there is no possibility to provide specialized medical aid, therefore we ask you to be sympathetic to the requirements of the Airline directed solely at ensuring your own safety.

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