Open day

Who in childhood did not dream of visiting the airport, walking along the runway next to airliners and being inside one of them?

On October 8, an excursion on board for the children of QAZAQ AIR employees took place. It included the airline passenger’s journey: from check-in to meeting at the airport after boarding.

At 10 a.m., children and their parents gather at the entrance to the airport. The company’s employees instruct them on the rules of behavior on its territory. Then everything happens as on a regular flight: young passengers are escorted to the gate, documents are checked and delivered to the aircraft already prepared for their visit. The guys excitedly climbed the ladder on board the ship, showing boarding passes to the flight attendant. Then there are mandatory and standard flight procedures: greeting on board, demonstration of emergency rescue equipment and seat belt buckling.

Genuine emotions from the opportunity to sit at the helm in the cockpit, to voice the catch phrase “Welcome aboard” and stories of colleagues of parents and gifts from colleagues of parents.