QAZAQ AIR will fly from Astana to Novosibirsk 4 times a week

QAZAQ AIR announces an increase in the number of flights from Astana to Novosibirsk. Now flights will be operated 4 times a week according to the following schedule (local time is indicated):

On Mondays and Fridays:

IQ 5005 Astana 20:40 – Novosibirsk 23:30

IQ 5006 Novosibirsk 00:30 – Astana 01:20

On Wednesdays:

IQ 5005 Astana 14:30 – Novosibirsk 17:30

IQ 5006 Novosibirsk 18:30 – Astana 19:10

On Saturdays:

IQ 5005 Astana 18:00 – Novosibirsk 21:00

IQ 5006 Novosibirsk 22:00 – Astana 22:55

There are also transit routes:

Almaty-Astana- Novosibirsk

Aktobe- Astana – Novosibirsk

Zhezkazgan-Astana -Novosibirsk

Taldykorgan -Astana -Novosibirsk

Petropavlovsk-Astana- Novosibirsk

The resumption of air service between Kazakhstan and Russia will contribute to the further development of trade and economic, tourist, cultural and business co-operation between the two countries.

You can book and buy tickets from today on the official website of the airline, as well as at the airline’s sales offices.

When purchasing tickets via you can book a seat on board in advance, increase the baggage or hand luggage allowance, order on-board meals, as well as reserve the carriage of pets and sports equipment.