The first QAZAQ AIR holiday flight arrived in Samarkand

On March 22, at 21:20, QAZAQ AIR flight IQ 509 landed at Samarkand airport. 66 passengers arrived on a festive flight from Turkestan to Samarkand.

Samarkand International Airport greeted the liner of the new international flight with a traditional water arch.

“In honor of the Nauryz holiday, we launched festive flights to the historical city of Uzbekistan. The air service between the two cradles of the Turkic countries opens the door for more intensive cultural exchange. Both countries are rich in history and cultural heritage, which will now become more accessible to citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Guests of the cities will be able to enjoy unique cultural monuments and the best traditions, opening up new tourist horizons,” said Suleiman Mirzayev, Commercial Director of QAZAQ AIR.

Regular flights between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will be operated 2 times a week. The flight duration is 1 hour.

This route has the potential to further strengthen the close ties between the two countries. Economic cooperation, cultural exchange, business relations and tourism — all these aspects will be significantly enhanced due to the convenience of air transportation. The new stage in cooperation between the two cradles of the Turkic countries promises to be promising and fruitful.

Kazakh air carrier QAZAQ AIR provides reliable air service on modern Canadian-made De-Havilland Dash 8-Q400 new generation aircraft.

The airline’s fleet consists of 5 aircraft, the capacity of which ranges from 76 to 86 economy class seats.

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