Starting May 5, QAZAQ AIR resumes regular flights from Nur-Sultan to Kyzylorda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey and Petropavlovsk

Dear passengers!

Starting May 5, QAZAQ AIR starts regular flights from Nur-Sultan to Kyzylorda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey and Petropavlovsk.

Flight №ScheduleDays
Nur-Sultan (13:40) – Ust-Kamenogorsk (15:20)
Ust-Kamenogorsk (16:00) – Nur-Sultan (17:45)
Monday Wednesday Friday
Nur-Sultan (08:30) – Петропавловск (09:40)
Петропавловск (10:10) – Nur-Sultan (11:25)
Nur-Sultan (10:05) – Petropavlovsk (11:15)
Petropavlovsk (11:55) – Nur-Sultan (13:05)
Nur-Sultan (09:30) – Semey(11:05)
Semey (11:35) – Nur-Sultan (13:05)
Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Nur-Sultan (15:30) – Kyzylorda (16:20)
Kyzylorda (17:00) – Nur-Sultan (19:50)
Monday Wednesday Saturday

The airline took all measures to ensure the safety of our passengers, including requirements of the State Chief Sanitary Officer:

1) Cabin crew undergoes a medical examination, equipped with personal protective equipment and regularly passes COVID-19 test

2) The aircraft cabin is sanitized according to the regulations and aircrafts equipped with HEPA filters. This ensures that the inhaled air in the cockpit is much cleaner and less polluted than in most public places, and filtered according to the same standards as most of contemporary hospitals. The air in cabin is filtered and mixed with fresh air outside the aircraft and completely replaced about 20 times per hour or once every 3 minutes;

3) Social distancing is a key safety factor during flight. The registration process, as well as passengers seating will be carried out in compliance with a safe distance between passengers in accordance with the scheme below. These measures will limit the number of tickets for each flight.

In order to comply with the safety of your health and others, all passengers, without exception, must:

1. Have a certificate of passing the test for COVID-19 (validity of the certificate is 7 calendar days from the date of issue), which must be presented at the airport

2. Personal health safety – wear protective masks and gloves

3. Restrictions on free movement in the cabin

4. Avoid crowds near the lavatory

5. Fill out a form with personal data to inform the specialists of the sanitary quarantine point at the airport of arrival

6. Social distancing

In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the airline has the right to remove passengers from the flight.

Due to changes in the rules for the carriage of passengers, we ask you to arrive at the airport in advance – at least 2 hours before departure.

Ensuring the safety of life and health of each passenger is the absolute priority of QAZAQ AIR.

You can book and purchase tickets through the official website

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